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As you may be aware, the EU Careers Ambassadors programme plays an important role in targeting talented young people on campus and making them aware of the vast variety of job opportunities the EU Institutions have to offer. This programme has been running for the past four years and over which time it has grown from strength to strength.

Our contacts in your government have suggested that we get in touch with you to ask for your support in identifying a suitable student Ambassador at your university and to provide them with appropriate support during the upcoming academic year.

In the past 6 years, the programme was represented by up to 110 Ambassadors across 28 EU countries. They have organised and participated in many different events and career fairs, as well as promoting EU Careers through dedicated Facebook pages. We highly appreciate their efforts and are looking forward to continuing with this programme in 2017/2018. As in the previous years, each university will be represented by a single Ambassador from the student body.

The following link gives you access to the EU Careers Ambassadors website where you will find more detailed information on the programme.


The information you will see on the website outlines the qualities an Ambassador should ideally possess. You may use this information to target individual students, or advertise and promote the opportunity more widely. 

The selection process involves the following two stages: 

-        Interested candidates complete an online application – from 24 February to 24 March 2017,

-        Shortlisted candidates complete a short online interview (April 2017 – further details will follow at a later stage).  

The successful candidates will be notified in May. All selected Ambassadors will attend a training session organised by EU Careers in Brussels.  

If you have any further questions about the selection process at this point, please contact us at EPSO-CAREERS-AMBASSADOR@ec.europa.eu . We would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of this e-mail.

On behalf of the EU Careers, thank you for your interest in raising awareness of career opportunities at the EU Institutions within your university.


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